CDA holds leadership and values training for coop members

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Feb 7 (PIA) –Thirteen cooperative groups participated in leadership and values training at the Integrated Jalajala Federation of Cooperatives Rice Processing Facility, Brgy. Punta, Jalajala, Rizal held February 5-6.

The training was meant to equip officers and board of directors of 12 cooperatives and one federation in leadership and values needed in running their respective cooperatives, said Bienvenida Celestra of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

“The downfall of most cooperatives is putting officers in positions solely due to popularity even if they have no knowledge in the set of skills needed for the position,” Jalajala Municipal Cooperative Development Council Chair Salustiano De Sagun said.

De Sagun also highlighted the importance of constant training of cooperative officers. “This series of trainings is very important to us cooperatives for us to properly perform our duties.”

The leadership and values training as well as other sorts of capability increasing trainings are conducted by the CDA nationwide in compliance with RA 9520 otherwise known as the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008. According to law, cooperative leaders and board of directors including ethics and mediation committees, election committees and managers are required to undergo such trainings to ensure their capabilities to perform their respective roles as cooperative leaders.

Those officers who fail to comply with the needed trainings will not be allowed to run for positions during the cooperative’s next elections. According to CDA, members may also voluntarily attend trainings in order for them to gain knowledge which may be credited if they desire to run for positions in their respective cooperatives later on.

CDA will hold another set of leadership and values training for Tanay and Morong Cooperatives on February 19-20 at the Tomas Claudio Memorial College, Morong, Rizal. (GG-PIA4A)


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