Antipolo City to adopt e-trikes

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Feb. 4 (PIA) — With almost 10,000 tricycles plying the city proper and nearby barangays, City Mayor Nilo Leyble expressed interest in adopting the energy-efficient electric powered tricycles (e-trikes).

“The city government is interested in adopting this e-trike. We are one with the national government in wishing to protect our environment. In pursuing this project perhaps we can form a team of our own to coordinate with your team so we can share vital details on how we can work out this project,” Leyble said.

Sohail Hasnie, principal energy specialist and his team at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) recently presented two prototypes of an electric tricycle that is a cleaner transport solution in the Philippines at a flag raising ceremony held at the Antipolo City Hall.

“We are expecting to provide at least 100 e-trikes to begin plying Philippine roads soon. In fact we already had some pilot test in some areas in the metropolis and so far these e-trikes perform well. In terms of durability we can have some pilot test runs if it can adapt to the geographical areas of the city,” Hasnie said.

Twenty e-trikes were deployed in the city last April 2012 in a joint effort by the Department of Energy and the Asian Development Bank as part of test runs to counter the disadvantages of conventional combustion engines.

Based on the study, conventional tricycles run by two-stroke engines are not only inefficient but are also a source of air pollution. It was also determined from the pilot tests that a conventional tricycle would need P250 of gasoline to cover 100 km in a day’s work while it only costs P50 of electricity for the e-trike to cover the same distance leading to savings of up to P200 a day for tricycle drivers. (Antipolo PIO)


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