Seminars on common sicknesses, herbal medicine ongoing in Jalajala

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Jan. 8 (PIA) — The Jalajala municipal government is conducting seminars on remedies for common ailments and herbal medicine for barangay health workers and mothers in all barangays.

It started at Brgy. Paalaman last January 5 and will continue to all barangays of the municipality.

Jalajala Rizal Information Officer Rolando Pilias said the local government has tied up with National Institute of Health Institute of Herbal Medicine Director in the University of the Philippines – Manila Dr. Isidro Sia to help educate locals and health workers of the treatment for common sicknesses such as cough, fever and diarrhea.

The seminars also focus on the importance of herbal medicine due to its affordability as accessibility in the province most especially for the far flung barangays which do not have easy access to local doctors or drugstores.

“The seminars encourage locals to make use of herbal medicine and if possible plant them in their back yards,” Pilias said. (CPG/GG-PIA4A)


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