Rizal media practitioners express sentiments on Anti-Political Dynasty Bill

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Nov 14 (PIA) — Several local media practitioners in Rizal are in favor of the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill.

A number of Rizal-based writers recently gave their opinions during the PTV 4 Special Forum on the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill last November 9.

Rizal News Online Editor Richard Gappi called political dynasties as barriers, “If we want to break these barriers, citizens should be more open minded because the problem is in their culture or state of mind regarding politics. If we want to uproot the system we should give voters better and more progressive choices.”

Gappi also added that voters should also cut the culture of patronage.

“We should convince citizens not to fear changes which are new, positive, and progressive.If people have a more progressive outlook and choices new names and family names in the next elections would be a good sign,” said Gappi.

Rizal Weekly Post Editor-in-Chief Luz Lagera also expressed her support for the bill. “The bill should be legislated so that other aspiring politicians with the capabilities or edge to be leaders can be elected. Monopolization of government positions should end.”

PTV4 recently featured guests Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino; UP College of Public Administration and Governance Dean Dr. Edna Co; Ang Kapatiran Party List’s Rizalito “Lito” Yap David; Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Conrado De Quiros; UP University Student Council Councilor Jules Guiang; Atty. Jennifer Jimeno-Atienza; and former senator and vice president Teofisto Guingona Jr. during a special telecast last Friday to discuss the topic due to the approaching elections. During the program however, it was established that there is still no clear definition by law as to what counts as a political dynasty.

“The Constitution’s message is to prohibit political dynasties, however, the tragedy is that there is no definition by law how to implement it,” said UP-NCPAG Dean Edna Co during the telecast.

According to her, political dynasty means repeated election or election of relative surnames. Philippine Daily Inquirer Columnist Conrado De Quiros, however stated, that the problem with the bill is that one cannot simply stop another from running for public office just because the incumbent is a relative.

However, Aquino reiterated that political families should not be automatically connoted negatively.”I do not think it is right to generalize that all of them (politicians) in a family are bad.”(GG-PIA4A)



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