DTI-Rizal confiscates nearly P1-M unsafe products in standards monitoring

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Oct 9 (PIA) — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Rizal has confiscated almost P1 million worth of unsafe products in its active monitoring of product standards through enforcement and investigation.

During an enforcement activity conducted in four hardware establishments in July, DTI-Rizal confiscated 3,199 pieces or P900,000 worth of substandard equal angle bars.

During preliminary investigations, some of the owners believed that substandard products were just mixed in with their inventory by their supplier and promised to be more vigilant in accepting products.

However, a businessman knowingly bought and sold substandard products, which were bought at a lower price than their local counterparts.

Consumers nowadays are only concerned about the price regardless if it is within the standard or not, the retailer said.

An enforcement operation held in September involving the checking of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders resulted to the removal of 59 uncertified tanks from two establishments worth P72,000.

LPG tanks have “expiration dates” usually stamped at the collar of the tank which have to be checked and re-tested to be determined if they are fit for use. Cylinders are good for 10 years from date of manufacture and every five years from date of requalification/re-test. Only DTI-licensed and accredited re-qualifiers and repairers can re-test and repair LPG tanks.

The DTI also conducted import commodity clearance (ICC) helmet stickering, consumer education seminars, fair trade law seminars and regular price and supply monitoring, among others.

Helmet inspections and stickering are held in order to ensure the safety of motorcycle riders.

At the end of September, 15,257 motorcycle helmets have been inspected where 14,211 have been approved and issued ICC stickers.

Helmets are continuously being inspected on weekdays at the DTI-Rizal office in accordance with the number and letter coding.

Onsite/mobile stickering are also being conducted in different municipalities, the schedules of which may be checked at the “CWD DTI RIZAL” Facebook account.

DTI – Rizal’s Consumer Welfare Division may be contacted at mobile number 0933-571-2175 for helmet stickering concerns and requests.

DTI- Rizal may be reached through e-mail at dti_rizal@yahoo.com and may be contacted for business regulation and consumer related concerns at 695-1711 and 630-6891 for business consultancy and livelihood seminars. (DTI-Rizal/PIA4A)




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