DAR-Rizal assesses agrarian reform communities

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Oct 18 (PIA) — Department of Agrarian Reform Rizal is currently conducting its annual Agrarian Reform Community Level of Development Assessment (ALDA) in its various ARCs to identify their current levels of advancement.

ALDAs are held during the latter part of the year to identify the current capabilities of an community in handling grants and financial support from DAR. Communities are rated from 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest through the criteria of Land Tenure Management, Organizational Maturity, Economic and Physical Infrastructure of Support Services, Farm Productivity and Income, Basic Social Services and Gender and Development.

ARCs with 1 or 2 ratings are in need of improvement, a rating of 3 indicates a functional community while those with 4 and 5 ratings are considered highly functional communities.

However, one third of the province’s ARCs have been excluded in this year’s assessment.

“Out of Rizal province’s 39 agrarian reform beneficiary groups we will be conducing ALDA’s for only 26 ARCs,” said Chief Agrarian Reform Program Officer Cecilia S.P. Reyes.

According to Reyes, the DAR Calabarzon office has given permission to delist 13 communities in holding ALDAs due to the lack of participation of members, lack of capital, and low collection rates. Delisted ARCs have lower chances of receiving support from DAR for financial assistance.

As per 2011 DAR-Rizal data, only five of the 39 ARCs attained a 5 rating which show a drop of performance from the 2010 data where nine communities had a 5 rating.

DAR-Rizal is looking forward to improvement from the remaining agrarian communities this year in order to be able to provide easier access to financial assistance. (GG-PIA4A)



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