Mines Bureau releases Cardona assessment results: 14 barangays landslide prone, 12 flood susceptible

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Sept 6 (PIA) — Results on the assessment on landslide and flood susceptibility show that there are 14 landslide-prone and 12 flood susceptible barangays here.

The assessment was conducted March and May this year on the 18 barangays of Cardona, Rizal by a team composed of Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Mines and Geosciences Bureau 4A geologists.

Results were submitted to the office of Cardona Mayor Bernardo San Juan.

Landslide susceptibility were rated low, moderate, and high.

For low, barangays have low to gently sloping with no evidence of mass movement.

On the other hand, areas with indicative or old landslides, moderate slopes, and presence of small tension cracks are rated moderate.

A high susceptible rating was given to barangays with presence of active or recent landslides, numerous or large tension cracks, areas with drainages prone to debris damming, numerous old landslides/escarpments, steep slopes, presence of weak rock and slope materials, structures (joints, beds) dipping toward the slope face and nearness to faults.

Based on the assessment, the following barangays were rated high in landslide susceptibility: Brgy. Boor – Sitio Pinagkitiran,Calahan, Del Remedio (Poblacion), Looc and Malanggam-Calubacan.

Those that have moderate to high are Lambac, Nagsulo, Patunhay, Sampad, Subay, Ticulio-Sitio Masangkay and Tuna .

Iglesia (Poblacion) and Navotas are moderately susceptible while Balibago and Dalig have low susceptibility.

None to low susceptibility have been noted in Real (Poblacion) and San Roque (Poblacion) have none to low landslide susceptibility.

Each barangay has already been presented with a Landslide Threat Advisory to inform and give corresponding recommendations.

For barangay flooding susceptibility, it was defined by the MGB in terms of the depth and frequency of flooding.

Barangays Balibago, Boor, Lambac, Malanggam-Calubacan, Nagsulo, Navotas, Sampad, Subay, Ticulio, and Tuna are highly prone to flooding.

Looc and San Roque (Poblacion) have low to moderate ratings while Calahan, Dalig, Del Remedio (Poblacion), Iglesia (Poblacion) Patunhay and Real (Poblacion) have low-flood susceptibility.

Majority of the flood-prone barangays are those along the shoreline of the Laguna Lake, where water levels are still higher than normal due to the recent heavy rains brought by the monsoons.

MGB recommends continuous monitoring at the barangay level since the findings indicate the data during the field assessment and the ratings may advance as mass movement progresses.

The MGB reports have been forwarded to Cardona Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Erwin Dionisio for perusal.

“We are planning to have an IEC conference about landslide and flooding threats and are currently waiting for MGB’s approval,” said Dionisio. (GG-PIA4A)



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